You are the space between the molecules that has created this magnificent body.

Right Body for You Half Day Taster Classes

This class will introduce you to one or two of the many tools that Right Body for You has to offer. Each class is as unique as the Facilitators who Facilitate them. Conscious eating, shopping, money creation, movement, ending judgment; these are just a few of the MANY different classes you will find.


Right Body for You One Day Spotlight Classes

These classes shine the Spotlight on many of the common body complaints including: Food, Pain, Aging, Communication, Body Image & Weight. Each One Day class comes with a manual that has easy to use tools that you can begin to implement immediately to change anything.


Right Body for You 2.5 Day Workshop

This workshop invites you to look and be with your body differently than ever before. Can pain be changed? Yes! Can you eat yummy food without getting sick? Yes! Can you be so comfortable in your skin that you can go anywhere and do anything? Yes! Your body can help you create a life of ease, fun and wealth. The only prerequisite is that you have a body – you don’t even have to like it. But what if you could?


Right Body for You Facilitator Training

Ready to step up to your life?

Right Body for You Facilitator Training helps you to build and strengthen that muscle of listening to bodies, listening to the infinite being, acknowledging what you perceive about energy, your talent with changing and addressing energy whether someone is in front or you or far away.

It’s not just about facilitating classes it’s also about facilitating your life.